Jacqui Burke

A few years knocking about this planet and I have been able to see and do so much. I feel so lucky.  #onward

Okay, a myriad of skills and crazy good, fun things over the years and kinda in this order…daughter, sister, friend, crazy insane reader, student, performer, sailor, lover of movies, walking opinion, debater, wife, corporate marketer, administrative assistant, stage manager, set designer, set dresser, producer, set painter, divorcee, re-inventor, middlin’ graphic designer, website designer, professional stage manager, big drinker, director, wife again, mother, guerrilla marketer, database developer, bridge player, cook, teacher, coach, survivor,  re-inventor, social media maven, wordpress developer, production consultant, quitter, shepherder of love and talent, re-inventor, again. That’s about it for now.

Fun Resume
Theatrical Resume
Gen Standard Resume